Sometimes I scare myself

I designed something BRILLIANTLY today..and am quite pleased with myself.
probably the first hard work i have done in Freaking FOREVER!!!!!!!!

Okay…now …blog spot does NOT have the capabilities to catagorized blogs by anything other than DATE right now….so bloggers use thirdparty software like to create bookmarks. HOWEVER that sends the blog reader off this site to another one and then brings them back to blogspot. waste of effort I think.

So i was thinking of Pascal….i loved that language it was elegantly designed…you had a main program that called small sections and then always came back to the original line of code. elegant. miss it terribly. hate object’s like nail jelly to a tree now.

anyways…what i did was CREATE blog posts I designated as INDEXES, if you do it early on they get buried in past posts…and since my other blog doesn’t use dates as indexes, then it doesn’t matter where they get shelved.

now if you have ENABLED POST PAGES each post gets it’s own HTML address..which is very simply your blog address with /post-title.html added on. so you can easily code the URL address.
So for each blog I want cross indexed, I add a link with the address to the index post.Then i created an unordered list on the sidebar with the index posts as the links. VOILA catagories without leaving blogspot.

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