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Catablogs…nope nothing feline about them… i had visited a couple and added an RSS feed to my list but i hadn’t given them much thought until now. The special collections librarian one city over has started blogging their catalog…cata-blog get it? Queen City Massachusetts – which i find awesome…every object has a story and with catablogs, the object, pamphlet or image gets its fifteen minutes of fame too. Here’s a nice little blog post from Geneaology Insider with a sweet list of other Catablogs.

Stupid publisher tricks • Scholastic has no love for Luv Ya Bunches…a young adult title about four elementary school girls named after flowers…but OOPS…one of them has TWO mommies! and that’s apparently one too many for Scholastic. WTF? I can’t really comment on it properly..because when I try i start using expletives and hitting the keyboards like I am punishing them.
blog of note • if you haven’t seen it you HAVE to check out Letters of Note blog... it rules..”Letters of Note is an attempt to gather and sort fascinating letters, postcards, telegrams, faxes, and memos. ” Seriously i haven’t read one thing there that wasn’t fascinating.

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