i can’t be the only person who feels a little guilty for owning a 6L pressure cooker.   I shouldn’t have to explain that too much… it’s my lizard brain’s knee jerk reaction to helpless feeling shared with the rest of the world right now.   No one i know was involved in the bombing..as far as i can tell all the area runners got home safe.

Like most i retreated to facebook and twitter since i had no other outlet.  Some posts aggravate, some soothe…most are just some form of mental masturbation to your mind busy so it doesn’t dwell on the average person’s helplessness.

The by-products of public tragedies can be anything from uplifting to teeth grinding…personally i find the teaparty, racist angry white folk rhetoric enough to make me want to take a baseball bat to Michelle Bachman..no wait i want to do that everyday…..  Regardless…there is a lot of stuff out there worth reading today…… Dennis Lehane has a lovely ode to the Boston spirit in the NYT.   The “messing with the wrong city” meme may sound arrogant and posturing coming from anyone else..but not from Boston.


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