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 I guess everyone is using fedex these days…sure speeds up delivery. The machine trolley arrived and i popped the sewing machine in. It fit as it’s a rather small sewing machine and the trolly was designed for a serger which is a tall skinny machine. Perhaps that was why it was discontinued in favor of the larger more elaborate trolley’s I found for sale. Personally i am tickled pink. there is room for a few odds and ends of equipment in the exterior pockets..not sure what the interior pockets are for as they aren’t lined and merely open into the cardboard frame. perhaps manuals.

I won’t be able to condense all my sewing notions into it along with the machine, but no problem. i was just looking to protect the machine. It was on sale about 10 years ago and is no longer a model that Brother manufactures…it JUST sews. Nothing electronic or programmed about it. I would consider it to be the equivalent of driving a stick. I had learned to sew on an actual 19th century treadle..no shit, i did..it was a very poor home economics class. and the sewing machines I had owned previously were old monsters embedded into sidetables…i never sewed more than an hour without a jam to clear. I dumped them all in the great post divorce divestment, and bought this one at Walmart on the 1st occasion. It has never failed me after I read the illustrated manual, and never a jam to clear.

Regardless of the fact that i still need to squish all my sewing crap into a container half its present  volume of . . . not a hard challenge, I have my eye on something called a super satchel, which seems to be neither, but may do the trick.  The reason I am on the ‘sewing’ theme part of my halfsies cleanout project is that I have a sewing task at hand and it seems like a good time to tackle it.  About every 18 months I sew a bunch of hammocks for cages of rescued kitties. As you can see below..I collect up bits of poly fleece and sew straps to the corners for shower curtain hooks.  I have enough fleece in house to make a couple of dozen at the moment. I think i may take a pass at the thrift store to scare up a few more stadium blankets to cut up. I like to give them a dark side and a light side depending on the color of the cat in question. I pass these out to the other rescue groups for the cost of the materials and I am out of unused ones at the moment. I had to hand out ones from my drier-less laundry which sported towel lint. Embarrassing, no?

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