Armstrong 3-speed 1969
Originally uploaded by jgodsey.

I made it all the way to the library and back today. Try to imagine an elephant on a unicycle and you get the idea. No i am not elephantine, but basically the balancing thing is a scream to watch. I think my bike is a couple of inches too tall for me – but there isn’t much i can do about that. It’s a vintage bike and i’m a vintage old dame so it’s a matched set.

Perhaps taking my camera backpack was too much for a first date. But that’s the carrot, I convinced myself that you can’t take decent pictures if all you do is drive everywhere. Carrying around a digital point and shoot has spoiled me, i had forgotten how much a film camera and lens weighs. [no you can’t put the camera in a bike basket…that’s bad for the camera] Perhaps next time i will pick a smaller camera.

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