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door2 I can’t be trusted with money, i really can’t. I think this weeks’ tiny paycheck was gone by Friday PM. I absolutely needed to build the new kitchen door before I start painting. Going into Home Depot for one thing, I came out with the materials to build the door…i knew i would I was just in denial. I have a make shift barricade up right now basically an old screen door covered in insulation..but the cats have shredded it to bits trying to get upstairs for no damn good reason… I need an actual cat proof door so i don’t have to listen to them terrorize mice upstairs all night long. this door should sit snuggly opening into the stairwell and not into the kitchen. Well at least that’s my plan. I have never built a door before, but like all other things I have an idea in mind of what it is SUPPOSED to be. In this case I bought some not inexpensive shiplap boards $28 and 1x3s $12…and today I bought some cheap bar clamps (table clamps) from Harbor Freight $12. It will be your basic attic door, not sound or weather proof just cat proof. Once the weather turns I will pad the backside of it really good with the cheap felt insulation from the rug place. And before you ask, no…i couldn’t just BUY a door..the damn thing has to be 24″ wide and about 75″ tall..not your average door. Besides I want it to be easy for me to remove if and when the time comes for me to haul shit upstairs…i don’t want to destroy a perfectly good door.

door72If all turns out well, I have a couple of other doors that are missing in my house. The rule of thumb is that if you remove something structural like that, you are supposed to leave it in the basement for the next owner to put back or not..but alas I didn’t see it. though the previous owner may have tossed it away when we told her to clean the basement out..right when she flushed 20 gallons of paint down the lav.
Speaking of paint, I exchanged the can of flat ceiling white paint I bought last summer for a can of blue semi gloss for the cabinets. Now that there’s a porch on the other side of the kitchen sink, i need to reflect what little ambient light there is. I think I still need another $30 gallon of semigloss for the walls too, we’ll see what’s left after I do the ceiling. This was on my to do list from last August..but since I moved  in painting rooms filled of stuff wasn’t high on my list. it’s taken me a week to clear non essential items out of the kitchen – READ- tools. Once the kitchen is done, i will move on to the living room, which is going to get a lot more crowded after I paint it. I decided to pull half the shit out of my ‘office’ and put it into what i laughingly call the living room. And since I have to move these bookcases and such, I will be painting those as well – more high gloss paint please – i’m fonder of Rustoleum but the clean up is a bitch. So another gallon of high gloss $30 won’t hurt, and lets not forget the ceiling…cha ching $30. And I won’t even BEGIN to talk about the floor… the best I can afford are the self adhesive vinyl tiles.. the cheapest is .89 a square…137 dollars…eghad…that i don’t have..perhaps a $30 box at a time.

makita i am very glad to have bought up some tools when i had the money. I adore this little saw which I am not even sure they still make. It is PERFECTION itself for cutting up to 2″ wood…and 4″ if you flip it over. Someone donated a lovely pneumatic brad nailer to the cause but Until I find the $89 for a compressor, i will keep doing everything by hand. I won’t need it seriously until I move on to upstairs chores. that’s when a lot of things need to be nailed to a lot of other things. If i keep dwelling on all the things i DON’T have, like i have been doing for many months now…then I don’t get off my ass and DO ANYTHING at all. So I work with what i got. This weekend I got some wood and some paint and that should keep me out of trouble.

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