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2014-07-31 19.23.14 I really can’t be trusted with money….what is it they say about first recognizing you have a problem?…..today’s errand was to go north and give the Screen Porch Guy a deposit on the job…I can’t call him the Back Door Guy with a straight face now can I? With that he can order the door which will have to be cut to 5’8” …my house is already like a cut down version of a real one, everything has to be slightly smaller than the average… I’m still on a diet, though not much of one, I have just stopped eating anything i am fond of. Trying to double up on errands I brought my reading chair…really my only piece of upholstered furniture up to a shop in South Portland, it will be ready in 4 weeks, just about the time the back door will be installed so it can actually FIT into the house. Good thing it’s not a very big chair, I can’t afford a very big door.

Along the way I drifted through the local Habitat for Humanities’ ReStore, with the very best of intentions..I was browsing for a light for the back porch, which I got for $12, and a cheap chair I can use temporarily…which I found..a small blond glider and ottoman $25 which is in excellent shape and can end up on the new porch. I also found the abused Morris Chair (pictured) $20, they told me that they had JUST thrown out its mate which was in better shape… The Morris Chair once stripped and repaired, will easily fold down and fit up the stairs into my second floor – there isn’t much furniture that will do that.  Replacing the webbing and tying the springs and recovering the horse hair cushions is basic winter project work…not like I NEED ANOTHER project, but I just couldn’t leave the little chair there to get destroyed. I also found a 1950s Raleigh Robin Hood which I immediately put on Craigslist when I got home..whih reminded me to sell the mint Raleigh Robin Hood I still have stored in the garage. But I may sell that in Portland..it’s worth about $400..and wont stay MINT if I keep dragging it around.

2014-07-31 19.29.40 I didn’t REALLY need another trunk..and this one wasn’t cheap, but I haven’t seen a tiny one in many years…it doesn’t need much repair to make it a good place to store my bed linens in my itty bitty bedroom. My regular size trunks won’t make it upstairs, and neither will my ersatz grandmother’s cedar chest. My Porch is gonna end up looking like a second hand store if I dont start giving away things that don’t find a place inside the house.

I picked up the trunk and a few books at one of the antique shops I drifted through, I always cruise the books, I am trying very very hard to only buy books for resale these days.  But I am on the fence about the signed Joyce Chen Cookbook….  I used to have one and sold it, so now I have another…which I will eventually sell, I’m sure.  I will cull the cookbooks again when I build the shelf for them.

I rarely buy things that are breakable like the vase….especially since I don’t NEED nicknacks of any sort. But this glaze attracted me in the worst way… I thought it was underpriced at $25, the finish has a lot of metalic and verdigris I could look into it all day..which will be convenient, I will have to park it in a glass case...still to be ordered from IKEA,  so that my roommates don’t pit it against gravity to see how it fares.

2014-07-31 16.04.03 I would have been wiser to NOT go into any stores at all, I am buying gifts for a house I still don’t own yet. And it’s not like I can’t go shopping later when i actually NEED something to fill a need or a void. I think in the back of my mind, it’s an anxiety thing. I really need to find something else to do with my stress: stress eating, stress shopping.. I need a replacement activity, that gives me the endorphin rush. Used to be I could ride my bike or row my boat, moving to Maine can’t come soon enough so I can get back to that.

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