spring in your step

For those without a calendar it has been spring for a number of days now, but mother nature can be a bitch.

As much as I hate those big box stores, they have done away with all other department stores, so I HAD to go to Target to get a new phone for my mother’s rehab room. Whenever I go in these places I take my camera, you never know what silliness you will find.

I take my camera everywhere, if you are discrete you can images of just about anything. It helps me preshop for things and saves me money. Sometimes an image is just as good as buying the thing.

Everywhere I looked in Target things had been cutied up, I swear I loathe that Hello Kitty bitch. But I admit I was kinda attracted to some plastic picnic plates that looked like monkey faces. Monkeys are my Darwinism totems, I like monkeys.

Regardless I did SEE this piece of furniture, which I am seriously leaning towards. This 2 step stools retail for $24 bucks and the top step is a box, ain’t that darling? We are always racking our brains for gifts for the biblioish, these are UP there. Or basically treat yourself because life is hard enough and being a bookseller makes it harder. Ain’t I the master of rationalization?

Here, I found the stool on their website in White, Blue and Natural – remember my posting it doesn’t condone ‘big business’ or the exploitation of whatever Chinese child prisoners they used to construct these things. See? rationalization master.

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