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I got my free squareup smartphone swipe attachment….results…. Squareup charges 2.75% for swiped cards, 3.5 % +.15 for keyed.. there are no other fees. The Propay account I already have 3.25%+.35 (more for amex) I’ve been happy with it, but they do have a rather large yearly fee and they charged me for their swipe jak. Propay lets me enter cards online, send email invoices, speak to a human and a few other features. Squareup is fine if you have smartphone and a limited range of CC needs….but they aren’t ready for International Cards yet.

I have decided to keep both, since squareup costs me nothing to keep. It has a cute function where you can record a cash intake and send a receipt. I am assuming the app is designed to function like a cash register – must be for the ipad. and if i was taking in an actual cards the price differential would be sweet as hell. i think in the distant future i will be dropping a large portion of my retail business and with it propay. as long as i have something like squareup to process cards i will be okay. Sicpress is not profitable enough to keep all the different products constantly stocked. It doesn’t increase in sales every year, it rather spirals down slowly year after year. There is a limited pool of potential clients, so i can’t be all things to all people. When the job i have now consumes more of my life, I am going to limit my exposure on all other fronts. However I WILL want to be able to take cards, 50% of my sales are cards.

I suspect Square is the 1st step, perhaps card swipes will be added to Iphone 7 or 8 and everyone will be able to take them. Or the Dwolla.com model will take off and credit cards will be a thing of the past.

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