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my free juice extractor came today….let me tell you why it’s a free juice extractor….a month or so ago i watched the first few minutes of Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead documentary on Netflix..  basically i watched enough of the documentary to scare the crap out of myself.  I am indeed one of those folks who is overweight for no very good reason..just too lazy to exercise or eat properly.  Joe Cross gave me the idea that i could consumer MORE vegetables and fruits if they weren’t in the original form.   I am also one of those people, where many green things don’t sit well after being consumed. I like them well enough but getting the roughage INTO my body instead of the bad lazy food is part of the problem.  I do intend to finish watching the film now….anyway…i sent out a message in my universe that i wanted to used juicer….and one showed up on my doorstep.   A used one in decent condition, but when i looked it online to order the missing parts I found it was a recalled model…..and Hamilton Beach’s policy is to replace it for free…so I sent in the cut off plug and got a free one.  Alas the FREE extractor has dismal reviews online and if i am guessing right this one actually may be reconditioned…it looks new..but i’m paranoid.  

Anyway…..i read all the reviews and tried it anyway…it has work well enough to test drive..and see if juicing stuff HELPS me ingest the stuff thats better for me.  and voila it did.  so far….i grabbed a bunch of vegetables at the market and juiced some of them…and surprisingly ….not bad at all.  I need more apples of course…nearly all recipes need apples…and ginger helps ..need more fresh ginger…it’s a pain in the ass of a process because it makes a hell of a mess to create 8oz of fluid…but if you get the hang of it, you can speed the process.   Now i need to find a use for all the PULP…my mother 3 years dead is hollering in my ear that this is a waste of money to do nothing with the debris.   I don’t have a garden to feed…but i am sure there are some recipes out there perhaps a bread that can use the fibers.

Long store short bad reviews or not it’s a good test drive…i had planned that once the extractor arrived i would go back to being vegetarian for the summer…that and cycling on the new rail trail should make me feel loads better very quickly.  Tonight i have tickle in my throat and  i feel a confinement coming on.



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