Squirrel in a hat

Squirrel in a hat
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This is the culmination of my week.
On the whole it was very good…i mean very in a non crises everything is going as it should kinda way. On one job front, the insurance job with the 2 hour drive is over – cept for one day of catchup. On the freelance job, that one may be heating up.

And then there was the cleaning…i am not sure what set it off, I started with the bookcases and then segued into moving the entire ‘business’ into the work room in the basement. Perhaps I just got tired of opening boxes in my living room, or sharing my office with hundreds of pounds of cardboard. Anyway, now I am eyeing my office with a total revamp in mind. Squirrel in a hat

As for the squirrel….when i could no longer avoid visiting my mother for ‘mother’s day. I found the little tyke sitting in traffic. He’s sleeping in my hat in a locked cage behind a locked door, so i think he’s safe from my room mates for now.

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