same shit different week – still no sales on the horizon, or the landscape or in the immediate foreground for that matter. Not that I am running out of things to do, but the utility companies like it when i remember them from time to time.

DIY • I thought this was rather fascinating,

save the trees
Princeton University Press join Oxford, Yale and the UC in putting some of their titles into e-book form, allowing students directly download their textbooks onto Kindles.
NOW we are talking, I think we all know my stance on Ebooks replacing real ones – ain’t ever gonna happen. But THIS, THIS is one of the best uses for ebooks ever. I have always thought that books such as textbooks, reference books, computer manuals, business books, any sort of non-fiction title that is outdated very quickly should be replaced with alternate formats. Maybe if we produce fewer disposable books, the ones we DO produce will begin to hold their value.

cookies • Make zine’s blog had a snippet about my Joy of Erasers blog. which means I will get a small spike in visitations. My Instructable’s instructable about cleaning discarded fans earned me a small prize – a sew on patch and a few stickers. hey, you take your cookies when you can get them.

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