I know ya’ll are dying to find out if I crapped out again this Sunday. Well if you don’t look at the numbers too closely, the day was good to me. I made some sales, and enough money was taken in to cover the checks I wrote for both day’s table space. However once you subtract cost of goods sold and so forth and so on, it gets ugly. So, I generally stop there. When the picture’s not too pleasant don’t stand to close to the frame.

Hey, I got to spend the day looking at books and talking to a bunch of my friends and dispensing lots of free advice to folks who had couldn’t think of anything better to do gorgeous Sunday afternoon in Vermont . . . pikers.

But on the bright side I had my 1st day of work at my new very temporary job. It will be 2 or 3 days a week of inventory for a collector who wants to insure his collection. Not enough money to make all my creditors happy but just enough to keep the internet flowing steadily. Now if I had 4 or 5 clients like that I could go back to eating meat for dinner.

Odd the things you think about when you are working with other people’s books. It occurred to me that this inventorying thing is cool and I should hire someone to come to MY house and do it. God knows I wouldn’t set down and do this to my OWN books. I’d be bored in about 20 minutes, I’ve SEEN all my books.

Anyways if I don’t fall asleep I will sit down and do some blog rolling after I pack orders. I’m gonna take a run up to the bookstores in Portland this weekend and drop off some books that I scouted for another dealer. I know bloggings been slow but stay tuned I have planned three new videos for ya’ll – but first I need to go to the gun store – don’t ask.

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