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Like I said before i save some tedious website augmentations until the end of the year – when everyone seems to flee the internet to serve up some face time to their family, only to return to the internet the day after New years….one of them is to add more Stamp Images to my literary stamps blog. Well i can’t really call it a blog at all….i just use Google’s Blogspot to STORE the posts and a few times a year I may acquire a new stamp to scan and add to the website. At a certain point I gave up trying to acquire ALL the stamps for my collection, it is just too damn expensive. I buy a few more every year and the blog has become a WISH list instead of a reflection of my collection.

Regardless, the usually visitation on the site never breaks 15 hits, but someone somewhere must have blogged about the Literary Stamp Blog, because the visits as you can see by the diagram from have gone through the roof. I think I still have google analytics installed so i will try to source the hits. The site is liked in a few sidebars around the net, but nothing to write home about…THIS sort of increase has to be due to someone featuring it somewhere. Well, thank you to whomever did that…but now i feel guilty that i hadn’t added many stamps to the website in recent memory. I spent the last 12 hours digging through my scans and the corners of the internet to get some NEW stamp images to add to the site and I think i have improved upon what is there.

I left Blogger a few years ago in a mass migration to WordPress and self hosting.  I left a couple of ‘blogs’ where they lay, the Literary Stamps blog and the Eraser blog even though i’d have liked to delete the eraser one completely i just can’t do it. THAT is the type of blog, like the pen, pencil and stationery blogs you have to throw your hear and soul and MONEY into. I just wasn’t about to drop money on erasers JUST to blog about them. I am still inspired to buy Literary Stamps from time to time…but they don’t cost much and so far they all fit in a book less than 1 inch thick. (If you are looking for something to collect …think stamps…your entire collection can fit in tupperware container)    Since I left blogger Google has made some improvements to the environment . . . actually making it  feel a little more like WordPress’s interface .  It still retains it’s “blogging for dummies” feel, so I can still recommend if for those who want a blog yet don’t want it to eat their life.

In the mean time i guess i shouldn’t go so long between updates for this site…actually if i was VERY Smart which i apparently am not, I should have embedded a shit load of advertising into the site so i could have profited from all those hits.

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