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So i have this Stanley Flask that i picked up in an antique shop. I paid all of $10 for it. My alarm bells had gone off when i saw it. I am a sucker or vintage technology, and this double wall stainless steel flask was the definition of old technology if anything is. From the size one can see that it was intended for a man’s overcoat pocket and probably was ideal to keep ones tea or coffee handy. Needless to say i have no practical use for the damn thing, i just like it.

It was made in Great Barrington MA somewhere between 1913 and 1933, while the Stanley corp was still there. So i threw up a couple of pictures on Flickr and thought no more about it…but remember Flickr shows up on Google Searches. And today i get a message from Stanley Corporate asking to use my image or trade me a shitload (my words) of product for the picture itself. When i called the kid on the phone I asked him why he was thinking so small…why not just buy the flask..or better yet trade me for it. Since the item has no monetary value to speak of..even a collector would only pay about 50 bucks for it…and THEY want it more than anyone else. Hell, if i died tomorrow it would only go to a thrift store with all the rest of my stuff. So why not send it home where it belongs?

Bottom line is that i am exchanging my flask for an obscene amount of products (their wording) and since I am only one person and can’t use much at all, I have sent out an email to my 10 closest friends to pick out what they want from the company’s website. Let’s see if their definition of the word Obscene is the same as mine…something tells me that they may regret making me the offer.


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