Start Your Own Country Day (now that's better)

calendar •
1621 –
John Donne gets elected Dean of St Pauls
1914 – Jean Cocteau is rejected for military service as physically unfit.
1916 – Jack London commits suicide at 40 in Santa Rosa, CA – Ford Maddox Ford remarks “like Peter Pan he never grew up and he lived his own stores with such intensity that he ended up believing them himself.”

birthdays •
1819 –
George Eliot, British novelist (d. 1880)
1869 – André Gide, French writer and Nobel laureate (d. 1951)
1888 – Tarzan, the 8th Duke of Greystoke, is born.
1936 – James Burke, British writer
1947 – Valerie Wilson Wesley, American author

cookies • Russian author wins US$113,000 literary award for biography of Pasternak

worth hearing • from NPR Novelist Robert Harris compares events in ancient Rome to some current US events.

super shopping • Three private collections of rare works by Thomas Hardy, Charles Dickens and Anthony Trollope have fetched about £100,000 at auction in Dorset.

worth reading • from the Guardian, columnist Kathryn Hughes debates the age old question of how many books is too many?

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