Start Your Own Country Day (now that's better)

calendar •
1621 –
John Donne gets elected Dean of St Pauls
1914 – Jean Cocteau is rejected for military service as physically unfit.
1916 – Jack London commits suicide at 40 in Santa Rosa, CA – Ford Maddox Ford remarks “like Peter Pan he never grew up and he lived his own stores with such intensity that he ended up believing them himself.”

birthdays •
1819 –
George Eliot, British novelist (d. 1880)
1869 – André Gide, French writer and Nobel laureate (d. 1951)
1888 – Tarzan, the 8th Duke of Greystoke, is born.
1936 – James Burke, British writer
1947 – Valerie Wilson Wesley, American author

cookies • Russian author wins US$113,000 literary award for biography of Pasternak

worth hearing • from NPR Novelist Robert Harris compares events in ancient Rome to some current US events.

super shopping • Three private collections of rare works by Thomas Hardy, Charles Dickens and Anthony Trollope have fetched about £100,000 at auction in Dorset.

worth reading • from the Guardian, columnist Kathryn Hughes debates the age old question of how many books is too many?

One Response to Start Your Own Country Day (now that's better)

  1. Zany Holidays Blogger November 23, 2009 at 11:17 am #

    Best holiday ever. More people need to start their own countries…the confusion would be priceless 🙂

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