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I don’t even have to go out for rescues…i came home and found this little lady hiding on my porch. I’m having a hard enough time feeding the cats i have now and here’s another little mouth to feed. what’s one more right?

I’m having a major league bad month..sales are in the they are past the toilet..they are in the pipe heading out from the house into the sewers.  I’ve had to run a free shipping sale to stir up some money.  I need the money not just to order more product which i don’t have but to pay the internet and the phone…the middle of the month snuck up on me and i still don’t have the truck fixed and paid for.

The camera money didn’t last long, between the case of books i owe the library and some frivolous food it has managed to piss itself away.  I did manage to sell some books on amazon..cause….i went through all the amazon orders and reduced the prices.  Today I tossed some of my better DVDs online for fire sale prices.  I still have stuff for ebay. but i loathe running up ebay fees.  how come i never hear about these LIST for FREE days?

Meanwhile on planet earth I found a Kindle App that made the device worth its keep.  Memento Database Android app, allowed me to make individual inventory databases and I finally got down to the basement and did an inventory of what’s left in stock..took less than an hour…and it syncs to a Google Spreadsheet so i can update it from the computer and send it to the device.  Not a bad single use if you ask me.   Aside from that I am listening to a Neil Gaiman audiobook from the library…i also have some ebooks on there,  but i know myself…i’m sticking to short stories and novellas…anything longer will just sit there mocking me. I just don’t have that kind of time anymore.

oh yeah….i sent the Cross book to the regional newspaper, they are going to review it.  i am filled with dread i can’t imagine how that will work out to my benefit.  I don’t have money to buy copies to resell.  And when they buy from Amazon it takes 45 days for me to get paid…hope i am still here in 45 days.






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