My choices are as always limited, with my room-mates insisting on being feed every so often . . . I did manage to craigslist six old bikes that i had been cleaning and tuning and raised just enough money for a new truck starter. . . but alas not yet enough for a new radiator, though I do have someone willing to install a new radiator in exchange for another of my bikes. Until that and a string of other things gets paid off, me go no where really fastly.

So instead of toiling away at my PC like a good do-bee, I try to take my camera for a walk (or a ride) everyday. I photographed all the National Registered Historic Places in my town and loaded them to Wikimedia. I have also scoped out the Registered places, state parks and civic buildings in the surrounding communities. Kinda of a dopey way to ‘reconnect’ with the world right outside my front door, but it keeps me from climbing the walls and wallowing in self pity, but allows plenty of room for PWA: “personal work avoidance.”

WTF• and in the category of things that piss me off…..War On Photography blog reports that one particular department of our federal government is delusional…ok well several are delusional but this is just plain silly….the Department of Transportation thinks that photographing federal buildings that our tax dollars have paid for and are ostensibly a tourist attraction is . . . wait for it . . . illegal.

This idea is NOT limited to the federal government, apparently it has spread like wildfire through uncivil servants across the land. As this image of the fire station got me rousted by the local gendarme. The cop kept telling me that it was a matter of public safety. . . somehow chubby middle aged white women are endangering public safety by photographing 100 year old public buildings in pissant towns like mine – kinda makes me proud to be taken as a threat at this point of my life.

twitter • Some authors only plug their books or related products in their tweets, but some writers actually carry on a conversation or share interesting topics. This is a good chance to try Tweet following Literary Tweets: 100+ of the Best Authors on Twitter

and don’t forget Sockington, who is a cat with a twitter account, he has over a half million followers…no shit, i am not making that up. I once trued to set dave up with a twitter acct. He got bored with it after a few days and just napped all the time……….

wtf? • a headsup from Boing Boing “Apple has rejected Eucalyptus, an ebook reader that facilitates downloading public domain books from Project Gutenberg, because some Victorian books mention sex” (read more)

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