stealing bandit signs

well i like to call it civic housekeeping….
These illegal or Bandit signs are just something else that bothers the shit out of me, along with abandoned newspaper vending units, graffiti, weeds, tires and bags of trash. a lot of these things i can deal with, this has now just just become another. This is the video that inspired me…i don’t know what city ordinance they would be breaking in Methuen, but certainly putting up these signs on city property or utility poles is illegal. Hell i know the utility workers themselves despise them. i despise the parasitic nature of “we buy homes”, “avoid forclosure”, “work from home” etc… personally i think locally grown signs are sacrosanct, i would never take down an unexpired yard sale or real estate sign, and anything a local businessman thought might make his store standout – but that still leaves a WHOLE LOT OF GROUND.

This week I grabbed my sidewalk scraper and have confiscated about a dozen offending signs. some were easy to remove, others took a few twists and whacks…but DAMN that is the perfect tool.

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