Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friend Day

Back now – not that I went anywhere, but I have been busy. I took care of Marian’s personal effects, granted she didn’t have many. I have had all her books in my living room for the past 2 years – which was a hardship as they all smelled like cigarettes and nicotine. I donated her clothing a charity shop, her cd player to another blind nursing home resident, and her relations had her ashes shipped to them in Idaho, a place she loathed. It wouldn’t have mattered to her, she’d have just rolled her eyes and ordered another martini. Cheers.

calendar •
1672 –
Isaac Newton was elected a member of Royal Society.

1804 –
The Sussex Examiner reports English poet & anarchist mystic William Blake was tried on charges of sedition for having insulted one of the King’s soldiers & having said “Damn the king & damn his soldiers.”

1842 –
William James, American psychologist, philosopher, & brother of author Henry, is born, New York City. He said that a woman asked him once why he did not believe in orthodox Christianity: “I believe what I can. I would believe it all if I could.”

1902 –
Popular Mechanics magazine was published for the first time. Cover gallery.

1903 –
South African novelist Alan Paton (Cry, the Beloved Country) is born, Pietermaritzburg. (d 1988)

1908 –
Mohandas Gandhi, A prominent young lawyer is jailed for the first time in Johannesburg, for refusing to register as an Asian.

1928 –
English novelist Thomas Hardy died. His stature as a giant of literature merited a resting place for his ashes in Westminster Abbey, adjacent to Dickens’. But his family wanted a part of his mortal coil brought back to his native Dorsetshire. His family agreed that his heart could be interred in a cemetery there, next to his first wife’s grave. An elderly cousin was given the canister containing the heart the night before the burial. Her cat sniffed it out, knocked the canister over, and ate Hardy’s heart. The cousin put the lid back on, and unbeknownst to the world, the empty vessel was buried. The cousin did not confess until years later.

1935 – American literary critic Edmund Wilson writes to John Dos Passos that he had visited Gertrude Stein in Paris & found “the whole setup rather creepy.”

1936 – Raymond Chandler & Dashiell Hammett are introduced to each other at a dinner for Black Mask magazine contributors in Los Angeles.

1952 – Bollingen Prize for poetry awarded to Marianne Moore
1959 – Bollingen Prize for poetry awarded to Theodore Roethke

1986 – Author James Clavell signed a 5$ million deal with Morrow/Avon Publishing for the book Whirlwind. The book is a 2,000 page novel.

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