stocking stuffer

From the brand new 2006 Neiman Marcus Fantasy Christmas Catalog

The luxury bound version of Assouline’s facsimile edition of The Proust Questionnaire is bound in fine kid leather, with elegant golden-edged stock. Inside, it gives the history of the questionnaire and reproduces Marcel Proust’s handwritten responses. The remainder of the book has blank questionnaires for a little self-reflection or to delve deeper into friends’ minds. Makes an especially welcome gift. 250 pages. Choose orange, brown, or green. $250.00

Okay, folks it took me a little while to figure out WHY anyone would want this book. It’s a guest book, instead of reading what celebrities give for answers in the back pages of Vanity Fair every month, you can make your friends and aquaintances fill it out on the fly. If you want to know what Proust gave for answers.

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