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1946-cape318 Still no word from the lawyer about my brother’s plans or in my estimation ‘his feet dragging’ and in my opinion the lawyer’s doing the same damn thing. They both have until tomorrow, then i am finding my own real estate agent and another lawyer and the two can go fry ice together. Meanwhile I tried to get a grip on what sort of house I need, want and can quite possibly afford to have. And that led me to Post WWII Minimalist houses…there was a short moment there in the american psyche when we thought that folks could get by with living their lives in small spaces. Now Greenfield being a healthy post industrial community has a number of them littered throughout like any other New England city, they are just hidden in plain sight, like anywhere else  in little clusters or sprinkled in between farmhouses. They generally had at least two bedrooms and a basement, many had screenporches and garages, some had both, and their lots were of a moderate size still mowable by a fat middle aged woman with a reel-type mower.

If i can manage to find one still in its original footprint but lacking the two MUST haves on my list, i can certainly add on a screen porch, though a garage may be trickier, the house would have to be cheap enough for me to still afford to buy and build a flat pack OUT building.

It’s just another fantasy image i am sure,  but it gives me someplace to start looking.  Casting a wide net at anything i could afford was a little scary….so what if i buy a big ass house I can’t heat, paint or fix?  I’d say that a starter house makes just as good an ender house.   There are a couple for sale right now and hopefully there will still be a couple for sale when the time comes that I am able to write a check.



I picked up a couple of Greenfield postcards yesterday…there were many more, but i have a limit of $3 for now. It seems one could paper a small house with just postcards of Greenfield. Which led me to think about one of my other projects that can be resurrected. Once upon a time I was collecting Methuen vintage post cards with the intention of creating a THEN AND NOW publication or even a set of new ones. Unfortunately after the 1st few photographic attempts, I gave up. When I have dependable cameras I am a pretty decent photographer…right now the iphone’s autofocus is busted, the Nikon Coolpix is just outright broken and the Fuji has never been the same since i dropped it in the river. It works but not willingly…the reason I gave up the project was that MOST of the THEN images can’t be replicated, lots of vacant lots where buildings USED to be and not very photogenic…who wants a picture of a weedfilled lot where a masterwork of architecture USED to be?

Regardless it just another thing I am throwing at the canvas new life future I am painting in my head. Buying a new new camera is on the shopping list right after a new used truck – but I am not going to break the $3 postcard rule until I get closer to that point. No sense in stockpiling vintage images just yet, I’m busying with creating fanciful ones just now.

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