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Slacker extraordinaire here, I have been so busy trying to make ends meet in the middle I have been neglecting all my lovely non paying side jobs. Now I am not saying I don’t love you all but until a find a dying billionaire to marry, you guys come in last behind food, electricity and internet service.

Lately, I have been dragging my tuchas around from head hunter to head hunter and alas no one wants this old hide for anything beyond a doormat. So, obviously not learning anything from my last experiment in contract labor, I have once again take a job doing door to door book cataloging. This time it is from a friend of a friend who is quite thrilled to have me bring some order to his bibliochaos. Like the rest of us, he’s a book addict who has let his books run wild all over his home, breeding at will and filling up all the corners. Hey, I am not tossing any pebbles in any direction as I too have books under the bed and in the closet. It seems when it’s your own chaos, closing your eyes to it is less daunting than tackling it. Bringing my talents to someone’s rescue is quite fulfilling and it’s always nice when you get paid for it, the bad news is the 1+ hour commute, alas nothing is ever perfect. So, for the next few weeks I will have JUST enough money coming in every week to pay for the internet and the electric lights, beyond that I am still pretty much screwed.

It’s 8pm, in 12 hours I have to get on the road for a book fair in Bedford NH. aside from a list of prep work, I have yet to package up 25 pounds of book deodorizer and pack 4 trunks with product and books. I will try to get some blogging done while I eat. after that you are on your own. Go, patronize some of the blogs on the sidebar – many of them make much better reading then this one.

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