streaming Sherlock

The second season of Sherlock has started airing across the pond…has anyone ACTUALLY called the Atlantic Ocean the Pond who wasn’t trying to be cute? cause it’s silly….well for the five people who missed it last doesn’t a matter of fact, it makes everything else compared with it look like shit. It has been streaming on netflix for most of the year, but if you take my advice you will just buy it. I tell my friends i’d rather watch something Good many times than many many somethings that are bad. So, i’m in the US and the odds are that so are you…if there are more than 5 of you reading. Instead of crying into my warm beer, I found which is a lovely bit of software that when you a running it, creates a UK ISP image so that that the BBC’s Iplayer will think you are in the UK. Then you can simply WATCH last night’s episode online instead of waiting months for it to run in the US. I don’t know when it is scheduled to run on BBC America…i don’t have cable TV, and this is infinitely cheaper. I also use it to watch Doctor Who and Downtown Abbey, other shows that don’t suck as well. When ExpatShield is running, banner ads will appear in your browser. You may not even notice. When the show is over click the shield and hit disconnect and it shuts down ready to be run for next time. Cheers.

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