stress home improvement

That is ‎2″ ft copper pipe, 2 caps, 2 hangers. < $18. btw those are shower curtain hooks...the poor man's carabiner. Finally after 15 years in this apartment i have a pot rack, granted I had to design it to fit the space available. but yesterday was so goddamn awful and i ended up going to home depot and knocking off everything on my Want list.
I also slipped into the Salvation Army thrift store to shop for some relaxation…usually i only drop a couple of dollars….but the shopping gods were smiling on me…I found a shelf that fits perfectly in the space where i needed and have been wanting one (the little cardboard ‘trays’ were packaging that came in the mail.) Hardwood & folding as well one of those wall mounted ‘landing pad’ shelves that i am gifting to Frankenwall, and a crate and barrel quilt. If i didn’t know better i’d say they all came from the same donor household. And I thank them for it…and yes i spent way more than i planned to. but i am starting to get some things shelved and out of the way.

There is stress eating, stress cleaning…is there such a thing as stress home improvement?

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