happy little fuckers aren’t they? They are stuffed BOOKS from a mediocre kids movie called Pagemaster – i think it starred Caulkin. Anyway I got them off ebay. I have the ‘Horror’ book which in the film sounds like Quasimodo, but turns out the one i have is a little bit different and has a small book inside it. The fantasy book is voiced by Whoopie Goldberg and the Adventure book has Patrick Stewart’s voice. Hmm maybe I should buy the DVD. It also has Nimoy and Christopher Lloyd. Anyway with my book fetish I figured ANYONE can have stuffed animals..but i have STUFFED books.

I have a lot of fetishes…. I have a bag fetish. I think I mentioned that earlier. Anyway I was in the mood for a new bag. I had browsed for one when i went up to LLBEAN last week. (oh yeah that coat I bought..doesn’t fit with a sweater under it….and the one i ordered didn’t either. back tot he drawing board) It turned out that Bean doens’t MAKE my bag anymore..they have a new ‘improved’ version. Which I didn’t like. I don’t want 20 zippered pockets..i end up haveing to look thru them all for what i want. But then i don’t want those big empty envelopes like the messenger bags. I am seriously thinking of a Klein canvas tool bag. Which I have actually examined, it’s unlined so the sides are only 1 layer of canvas thick. I am thinking of buying a used one off ebay (hopefully cheaper) and then ‘hacking’ it. maybe dying it adding interior pockets etc… still thinking. Perhaps i will wait till my present bag gives up the ghost – which may be problematic…since it’s LLBEAN it’s guaranteed for life.

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