stuff that happened

folks got born:
1645 – Jean de La Bruyère, French writer
1650 – Vincenzo Coronelli, Italian cartographer and encylopedist
1858 – Arthur Achleitner, German writer
1860 – Jules Laforgue, French poet
1868 – Bernarr McFadden, American publisher
1884 – Hugo Gernsback, Luxembourg-born editor and publisher
1888 – T. E. Lawrence, English writer and soldier
1895 – Albert Cohen, Swiss novelist
1902 – Wallace Thurman, Harlem Renaissance writer
1902 – Georgette Heyer, English novelist
1908 – William Maxwell, American novelist and editor
1914 – Beatrice Schenk de Regniers, children’s author
1920 – Charles Bukowski, American poet
1929 – Maurice Kenny, Mohawk poet.
1932 – Christopher Okigbo, Nigerian poet
1934 – Diana Wynne Jones, British author
1949 – Graham Swift, British author

stuff that happened:
1762- Samuel Johnson and Joshua Reynolds set out on a walking tour through Devonshire.

still trying to decided how this will play out….reporting only birthdays bores me, reporting birthdays of obscure writers bores me still more. I am much more interested in recording and remembering literary EVENTS : when stuff got published, when things happened that influenced the writing or publishing of a novel. But of the 4 or 5 sources I am using to feed this little post they are rather lacking in literary eventage. Any submissions or help in that area would be very helpful.

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