stuff that happened

folks got born:
1398 – Marqués de Santillana, Spanish poet born
1631 – John Dryden, English poet born
1689 – Samuel Richardson, English writer born
1843 – Charles Montagu Doughty, traveler and English writer
1844 – Minna Canth, Finnish novelist and dramatist
1858 – Edith Nesbit British children’s writer
1902 – Ogden Nash, American poet born
1903 – James Gould Cozzens, novelist and Pulitzer Prize winner
1908 – Josephine Jacobsen, Canadian writer
1915 – Ring Lardner, Jr., American screenwriter, and journalist
1925 – Claude Gauvreau, Canadian playwright, poet, and polemicist
1930 – Frank McCourt, Irish-American author

stuff happened:
1886 – Joseph Conrad acquires British citizenship.
1692 – In Salem, Massachusetts, Province of Massachusetts Bay five women and a clergyman are executed after being convicted of witchcraft.
1936 – Federico García Lorca, Spanish author was executed by Falange militia and thrown into an unmarked grave.

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