stuff your stocking

I just spent 30 minutes trying to find my good scissors . . . Oh I did find the ones in the kitchen drawer, the ones in the tool box, the ones in my pencil cup, and three other pairs, but they weren’t the ‘GOOD’ ones, and it occurred to me I should buy a second set. You know which ones the GOOD ones are, the ones you use and say ‘ah yes, these are the good ones’; the ones you can’t quite goad yourself into buying because they cost more than all the other ones on the rack. So, ask Santa for some. And while we are at it, let’s ask for another tape gun, ours have gunk all over the cutting surface and the plastic knob over the spring keeps popping off. And after boxing and wrapping crap all day, anything that makes things easier is welcome, so the One Touch Stapler from Staples is worth its weight in, in , in well . . . lets just say it doesn’t suck really well.

Oh yeah and we need a more recent copy of McBride’s first editions our’s are all tattered and coffee stained. Yeah I know you can get it on CD, but what use is that? We need it in the glove box, so we can find out right away how expensive a mistake we just made. And a subscription to Fine Books and Collections is good, I keep forgetting I don’t really have a sub and only get copies when my ads run. If you don’t know if someone already HAS a sub or not, you can give them a FB&C Gift Card, then they can use it to extend their own sub . . . . or buy a baseball cap, for people who have heads for hats. I don’t have a hat head, I just look stupid.

Playing with knives – despite what Homeland security and the TSA think, people need pocket knives. We have almost done away with pocket knives as a people, and that’s wrong. Think of all the manicure money that could be saved and all those times we had to open a box with a ballpoint or a car key. Or found that some eBay idiot, simply wrapped the book in bubblewrap and packing tape – thus requiring intricate surgery to extract the book from its cocoon. All requiring a sharp implement and practice in its application. Get a pocket knife, play with it . . . and don’t forget to cut yourself so you will remember not to do it again. But then I could just have a thing for knives.

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