stupid bookseller tricks

in from Lee Kirk @ the Prints and the Paper

Well, I give this one credit for trying to protect a hardcover (successfully) but egad:

Book arrived in plain yellow envelope, folded around and 2″ taped so that I had to tear and tear the envelope apart to open it.

Inside, a brown paper bag, also folded and securely taped with 2″ tape all over.

Inside, a cardboard Priority envelope (unused – and we wonder at PO rising costs), sealed, folded, and taped.

Inside, a brown paper bag, folded, taped.

[NB: I am NOT making this up!!]

Inside, ANOTHER (unused) Priority envelope, sealed, folded, taped.

Inside, yet another brown paper bag, folded taped.

I am pleased to report that the book was unsuccessful at breaking out of the packaging.

Now….how long did it take to do this? What sort of paper-bag storage (not to mention collecting) did this require? (Bags all the same size and style – hmmmm. Considering the “theft” of the Priority envelopes, I have to wonder how they came by these.)


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