subprime – just in time for the holidays

I don’t even know what a SNELLED BAIT HOLDER is, but i just bought a pack of twelve of them.

Goddamn bastards at Amazon who have been flogging their PRIME ACCOUNTS with the FREE SHIPPING for years now, yet now they have finally figured out that we are even stupider than they hoped.

All items under a certain price point have been reclassified as ADD ON ITEMS Translation NOT AVAILABLE FOR PRIME MEMBERS TO BUY…and i don’t mean you have to pay shipping, they just TAKE it out of your basket so you CAN’T BUY IT. Unless your basket exceeds $25 which is the SAME SHIPPING POLICY for NON PRIME MEMBERS.

I don’t know why I am so angry about Prime Membership was a birthday gift to myself last year, so it was going to expire in December anyway. I am actually pretty happy that I don’t have to BUY it again. I STILL believe in ordering things online to save money…i LOATHE big box stores, they never have what i want and i don’t like buying items JUST because I am already there. I KNOW i save money buy not going into stores unless i absolutely have to.

I am just pissed because I finally got a positive bank balance in my account and i forced me to part with $25 all at once instead of JUST the $5 for the 6″ x 9″ brochure holder. I have 1 holder with books down at the coffee shop and 1 at the antique shop and 1 extra, but the Local Farm stand/store agreed to take TWO with 20 copies of Memories of My Childhood…so i stole the one from the Antique shop….who actually SOLD 3 books last week so I needed another brochure stand to replace it.

My wishlist had the oxygen absorbers on it for nearly $20….i can’t imagine using up all 300 but i will have to make a stab. That left me .02 short of free shipping. I tried to find the online app that i used to use which shows you amazon database item in reverse order by shipping,   most of the Amazon filler Item Finders were all wonky and didn’t show me the .02 items i probably fucked them up as well with their new changes. While i was drifting i stumbled on the fish hooks for .89 and i stopped there.  They pushed me over the $25 and i will spend some time next year learning how to fish….i always like learning new things..but goddamit! i am still spending $25 when i need NOT to.

Amazon bastards.

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