Suburban Guerrilla

I finally finished reading this book, yes I need new glasses but the goddamn book designer didn’t do me any favors choosing a thin font and glossy pages,it involved a lot teeter tottering the page under the light source to cut the glare…idjits.

I am not yet sure how much guerrilla gardening I see in my future but guerrilla weeding has always been part of my wheelhouse. I found it very inspirational reading to think that city folk are so sick of unkempt and abused greenspaces that they will pitch in and get their hands dirty… Suburban folks on the other hand are for the most part a bunch of lazy bastards. From my observation they are so used to having their horizon cultivated for them that if they DO notice something out of sorts after the whine and moan they most they might do it make nasty call to the town DPW. Aside from that I have found it most difficult to get em motivated. Maybe it’s just my townies.

I decided to indulge myself and upgrade my street weeding weapon of choice from the classic unchanged linoleum knife to a folding pocket pruning knife, for that spur of the moment weeding opportunity. Hey I’m impoverished i have to make my own fun.

If I ever get the rail trail completed I do have gardening intentions but until that’s done most of my other projects are on hold.



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