sun spots

franklinsunnyThey tell me the last few days have been beautiful outside…I wouldn’t know, the closest I get is when i take out the trash. Still plonking away at the pile of work i made for myself this winter. I never finished the wildlife/birding checklist for the wildlife sanctuary downtown, the charity cookbook is still incomplete, and I still need to make a label for donation cans and a brochure that i have been putting off for ages and ages…I’m such a lazy swine.

I even pulled out that box of books for sale that still need to be cataloged, you know the one under the desk with the newspapers piled ontop? yes that one. Some I will list, some i will sell straight out to other dealers, some i will just straight up donate because as we know most books are worthless. I used to have a good nose for books that were a good bet, I still do, but the universe is yielding up fewer and fewer of them to me. It hurts that I live in a pocket of deliberate ignorance. Hardly anyone within 20 miles buys a book that isn’t a best seller, hence rebuying them for resale is pointless, and anything that gets ‘donated’ is finding it’s way to the penny seller who feigns charity status. But even a blind pig finds a truffle now and then, and I still manage to come up with a decent book from time to time…still not enough to live on but enough so that I can write ‘bookseller’ on my city census with a straight face.

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