sunday bloody sunday

I just figured out that this blog is shite for trying to find something I KNOW I posted already. I listened to Eli Wallach the other day, and wanted to send someone to it, and I couldn’t find it in my own BLOG! must devise better indexing. Apart from the fact that I can’t remember the exact wording, the blog search function leaves much to be desired.

Eye on Books has short podcast interviews with authors about their fortcoming books.
Expanded books does the same thing, but with video
Meet the Author does the same thing, but with video.
Meet the Author UK does the same thing but with video and a haughty accent.

Rachel Donadio: The Chick-Lit Pandemic
Ronald Dworkin: the Right to Ridicule

NPR Vegetable Love by Barbara Kafka
Melvyn Bragg’s 3/16th show is about Don Quixote.

Bloodstained Oz by Christopher Golden and James A. Moore
American Theocracy by Kevin Phillips
Samuel Menashe:New and Selected Poems

having all kinds of wierd errors today, images later.

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