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I surrender….how long did i go? 6 weeks…8? doesn’t matter… I got three checks in the mail yesterday so i took the opportunity to go food shopping before it all sizzled away like spit on a griddle…i entered the grocery store vegan and left it vegetarian. with 6 organic free range eggs and a couple of sticks of imported butter at the bottom of the basket. i had to throw in the towel apparently i was annoying the hell out of my friends.

What I discovered about being vegan…it is easier to stick to it when you have friends who are vegan..or at least i hope it is, because if your friends don’t understand, you spend a lot of time talking about it and trying to find accommodations. It can be more expensive if you buy straight up replacement items for the non vegan parts of your diet, instead of changing your diet. A health crisis makes a really good motivator, or i expect it would, i just had a normal amount of paranoia about what they would find if they looked. And i have a new found respect for folks with dietary allergies.

The biggest pain in the ass was reading all the labels, not that i wasn’t already reading labels, but trying to avoid trace amounts of milk and egg proteins in manufactured food is hideously difficult. Since i am not allergic to anything, i don’t really HAVE to worry about them, but it was the principal of the thing. Eggs, I missed eggs – and Cheese…not all cheese but really good cheese – the huge grocery i was in today didn’t have anything i deemed worthy of breaking my diet for.

In the end I made a compromise just merged the two types of diets, keep on eating the foods that weren’t too bad. Silk’s Very Vanilla soy milk is delightful, and the Heart To Heart Cereal Honey Toasted Oat isn’t half bad for food that’s supposed to be good for you. I haven’t had the heart to go near the scale, if i had to guess the initial weight i lost when i stopped consuming truly bad things, has all crept back on to my waist when the weather changed and i started eating root vegetables and baked goods. Right now the only green vegetables in the fridge are limes.

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