Supernatural (5/12/33)

Supernatural (5/12/33) The first reel of this film is jawdroppingly batshit creepy. Multiple murderess is gleefully counting down the days to her own execution…and I MEAN Gleefully. Mad scientist has cockamamie idea of evil spirits escaping the executed body and cons warden into a little gross abuse of a corpse. Which brings us to all the other reels: Socialite Lombard is mourning her dead twin, and starts messing around with fat fake spiritualist who for some reason was banging the murderess and thinks he has a shot with a socialite who keeps a tuxedo clad Randolph Scott around just for arm candy. Lombard stumbles into mad scientists….living room? where he just happens to have the murderesses still bangable body and is zapping it with electricity for kicks.

At minute 46 the murderess body jumps into Lombard, you can tell because she brings a little Max Factor to the party. Lombard makes a beeline to getting her revenge on….I stopped paying attention after that… THIS HAD to be the film, that inspired an young Val Lewton to say “I can do better than that crap.” Seriously this film has half a good idea, and suffers from a really bad script and poor editing. The BEST thing about it is the Poster, which I highly recommend..and Val Lewton..go watch Val Lewton instead.

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