When you are up to your ass in alligators, it’s hard to remember that your original intention was to drain the swamp.

Irene came and went and merely littered my yard with leaves and small branches, many parts of town had larger branches and some even lost power. But not me, I’m on the same grid with the emergency stuff so for me to lose power something REAL bad has to happen. One of the reasons i volunteer with the Community Emergency Response folks…which I did last night..a four hour shift at the Red Cross Shelter turned into an 8 hour shift but what the hell i have no life. I could have stayed all night, but as it was i overslept and didn’t get up until 7 – so i am playing catchup on a lot of things.

I packed all the orders i COULD get out the door this morning…this happens every damn summer you think i would have figure out how to handle it…i get damn few orders all summer long keeping me from reordering products, then the last 2 weeks of august i get slammed. and nothing can ship until i spend the fresh money on new products. And since there is never enough money to go around it’s an odd mutant version of russian roulette or musical chairs…same outcome. Right now i have shipped the last of the book deodorizer which i can’t reorder until tomorrow until i have the money to pay for another 50lbs… then i get to ship more orders and buy more products basically it takes a few weeks to get EVEN..or years..perhaps decades. This working for a living stuff sucks.

Now that i can’t ship anything else TODAY, i will spend some time working on the new book, wait wait i have to stop and clean some litter boxes…and since it’s awesome outside i want to run over to the river and test my antigraffiti kit on the granite bridge.
and then maybe if i am really good i can do some laundry.

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