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I have been using Propay.com to process credit cards for 4 years now..ever since i dumped my landline and the swipe machine and the fax and all that that entails. I got a smart phone handed to me from one of my jobs..yeah i know it’s not mine, but i do like teaching it new tricks all the time. In october I bought the Card Swipe attachment for the Iphone from Propay, and we used it successfully at the Animal Rescue Halloween Benefit, it sure did speed up the check out process. We swiped the cards, the customer scribbled their finger on the screen and if they entered their email they got a receipt in their inbox. all easy peasy.

When they first invented this attachment my first question was…”Gee how many Hookers have Iphones?” If I still did book fairs this would be a godsend. I expect there are a lot of folks who ring up credit cards on the fly.

There is another service on the next offering a swipe attachment, the first difference is that Squareup.com is sending it for free. the second difference is 2.75% per swipe for all cards..which is a trippy concept. the other difference is that Propay takes cards without the actual card…via internet and phone…so I won’t be leaving them anytime soon. When Mine gets here i will try it out. I am looking for something I can use at the Spay/Neuter clinics and that i can recommend to the other rescue groups. Propay has a non profit low interest account option, i don’t think squareup actually cares.

Speaking of credit cards, i am also trying to try a new non credit card money transfer service called Dwolla I was hearing about them on the radio, their concept is to facilitate bank transfers and charge….25 cents per transaction. no percentage, no fees… now that’s something i could get my head around…i just wish i had more reason to use their service. Here’s the Business Insider Article I read afterwards : This 28-Year-Old’s Startup Is Moving $350 Million And Wants To Completely Kill Credit Cards

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