swiss army decision

WHICH Swiss Army Knife should you buy?

Basically it’s not SHOULD I buy a Swiss Army Knife, the answer is always YES…the question is then how many, because in my mind, the large more dramatic multiblade knifeporn models are useless.

You will never have it when you need it, and using some of those funky blades is harder than just having the appropriate tool.

I recommend TWO….this one small simple Victorinox Swiss Army Classic Pocket Knife on your keychain.

think i have three and have given many of these as gifts…come on, its about ten bucks..that’s an awesome gift.

and the SUPER TINKER – which is the more maguyver useful

the cork screw blade on the CAMPER is practically useless.

if i have a bottle of wine..i will have one of those 1.99 plasic handled cork screws to go with it.
you need the phillips screwdriver blade more.

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