Swiss miss

There is something about a brand new bag that makes me come over all enthusiastic…don’t know what it is, i have confessed many times…i have a bag fetish. But i try to keep it under control. When i get stressed out with my life, sometimes the only thing that can sort it, is a new bag…usually about every 36 months. I have spent many many hours lately online looking for a ‘new’ bag, i am always looking for the perfect bag, but since i was going to have to spend real money it had to be a bag i would get a few years of use out of. This one I found at a flea Market this morning for $2. I can’t find the model online, it looks like Wengers, it has Wengers official license inside..but that doesn’t mean it’s not a knockoff, wouldn’t a copycat insert an official license tag? Wengers has gone broadscale and mainstream these last 10 years, so it’s probably one of the base line items from a Walmart or Target. But still, it SHOULD last me longer than a nameless brand made of the same materials. I AM pretty horrific on my belongings, if they don’t come with a lifetime warranty, they better, because i will wear em out pretty bad.

Once i get a new bag, i disassemble the old one and shift the notebooks, and tools and device attachments that i look for most often. I keep trying to pare things down…it’s mostly about knowing where things are than having them handy. I suppose its all about keeping myself from misplacing stuff inside my house; which on occasion I have done. Oh like YOU never used your drivers license for a bookmark.

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