I had a busy week, in a very non-book kinda way. I picked up some more hours teaching some nice folks with little imagination how to run their own software without blowing up their database . . . again. I replaced some of the landscaping tools that had been pinched by the folks with very few teeth and even fewer scruples that my mother keeps hiring. I tried to convince a lady with 12 adult cats and 11 kittens that 6 was a plenty enough good number. And I got screwed by Amazon – is that redundant?

I don’t sell much on Amazon marketplace, I do buy a bit for the same reasons I don’t sell there, the prices are too low and for higher priced ‘better’ items, it’s difficult to make sure that you are getting exactly what you are looking for. Minimal descriptions, no images, no real vendor information – it’s a crapshoot. Generally I use Amazon to clean house, I read something I don’t want it, I list it and get some of my money back. So, now we come to the screwage – blog fodder will be the only thing I get out of it.

Customer A (snicker when you read ‘customer’) creates amazon account and buys a used OOP VHS of a cult film I have listed. I ship 1st class as always. Customer A then waits and tells Amazon A-Z that he never received the item. Amazon’s secret cabal A-Z security guaranteers send me an email asking for MY SIDE of the story with a click-here LINK embedded in it. So, Pavlov’s sheep that I am, I click the link and enter my ‘side’ which is: “I shipped it. It’s a CULT film not on DVD, so the guy is gonna burn it to DVDs and resell them on eBay. But he DOESN’T get the right to keep the VHS AND my get his money back. Did I mention this guy has a ZERO feedback?” and I have been an Amazon reseller since Amazon was buying it’s own USED items.

I wait and I wait, and AMAZON takes the money from my account. I get an email that says “if you’d like to dispute this email us”. Which I then do, and their response is “well, you never CLICKED the LINK,” which is totally bogus, of course I CLICKED THE FRAKING LINK, I didn’t want my money stolen! So, now, I send endless emails to Amazon because if you call they WON’T transfer you to their secret screwing cabal and their only response is to stick their tongue out at me and say – we’re not going to answer you anymore, so there.

to sum up: Customer A who probably has a new identity for each time he rips off a vendor and claims his A-Z guarantee, has my VHS and my money and his happily burning pirate dvds to sell on ebay. Amazon has me listed as a crank and a put a black spot on my palm in preparation for a day when I’m not good enough for their little sewer. And My back is twisted into knots.

BTW that’s SYLVIA – another issue. Her colony were all FELV positive and she won’t be old enough to be tested for another month. I can’t let her loose in the house, because you KNOW my cats would try to groom her and may pass the Leukemia infection around. I can’t put her back, I’d only have to trap her again in a month and by then she would be harder to socialize AND probably be infected. And if in a month she tests positive, it will be REALLY hard to place cause she can only go in a home with other positive cats. If she was so goddamn CUTE this wouldn’t be a problem….but i guess they are designed that way.

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