Before you ask, yes I have someplace to ‘go’ tomorrow…i never can understand why most folks don’t see that staying at home with the ringer off is lightyears better than any other offer. Maybe its because I have been voted most likely to be found dead and eaten by pets…As it happens, a buddy of mine whose folks live in Middle America and I will be going to a local hotel restaurant for dinner. It was one of the few places I could find serving food tomorrow that wasn’t pushed through a drive through window. This of course will be problematic, although I don’t enjoy celebrating the feast of st gluttony and the death by a thousand cuts that is a family Thanksgiving, I do like a fridge full of leftovers as much as the next person. I have taken to cooking JUST the items I like and stowing them in the fridge as ‘leftovers’ that were never served in the first place. Usually a loaf pan lasagna and some deviled eggs, but this year I found a Cornish hen whose after cooking size may not be an illusion. (for those flying solo who like the national bird, I recommend just cooking a breast or two, that’s all that will fit in my counter top, I haven’t fired up the actual ‘OVEN’ in years.) The other item I am preparing is I admit, completely unhealthy and if done correctly revolting in appearance. You know the one I mean….the thing with the green beans and the mushroom soup, yeah I know it’s as natural a food as Twinkies and Ambrosia salad, but for the life of me, I find it tasty. And in case you haven’t tried it, you can’t actually replicate it using scratch items, it will taste good, but not the same sort of naughty- i’m-gonna-have-to-run-3-miles-afterward good. Now, my mom was as an accomplished back of the box cook as then next mom, but we never had this when I was growing up…or thankfully ambrosia salad. I can’t remember where I was introduced, probably some potluck supper somewhere, but like Fruit Loops or McDonald’s cheeseburgers, I limit myself to once a year consumption. If I were to eat this kind of comfort food on a regular basis, I’d be one of those people who waddles back and forth to the fridge, with a drumstick in one hand and a Whoopie pie in the other. This year I am going to try a new item, something I bought in a baggie in a school yard..saltines with brown sugar and melted chocolate? I dunno what they are but I want more. I guess in some weird-ass gustatory way, I had a very sheltered childhood,


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