table dancing day

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45 BCE Cato the younger, Roman patriot and philosopher, committed suicide on this day in 45 BCE.
1846 – The Oregon Spectator becomes the first newspaper on the Pacific coast of the United States.
1887 – Giuseppe Verdi’s opera Otello premiered at La Scala in Italy.
1897 – French novelist Marcel Proust met Jean Lorrain in a pistol duel precipitated by a slanderous article Lorrain had written about Les Plaisirs et les Jours.
1914 – William S. Burroughs is born St. Louis, Missouri. (d. 1997)
1922 – DeWitt and Lila Wallace publish the first issue of Reader’s Digest.
1959 – Isak Dinesen while living in Nyack, NY invited Arthur Miller and his wife Marilyn Monroe to a luncheon of soufflé, oysters, grapes and champagne. Joining them was the Carson McCullers who after lunch put music on the phonograph and invited Monroe, Miller and Dinesen to join her in dancing on the marble-topped table. By all accounts, the three women hit it off wonderfully — though Arthur Miller says the legend of them dancing together on McCullers’s dinner table is an exaggeration.

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