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phone trixs

i taught my phone two more tricks…still not enough tricks to justify its expense… to justify the cost of such a phone, it needs to do tricks that bring in funds or save money equal to the expense. And these have to be tricks that can’t be accomplished using a piece of paper and a […]

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speed dial

I’m bumming out…Google announced that they were abandoning yet MORE features that we have grown accustomed to using. IGoogle is another thing that will stop working next year sometime. I have been using that as my ‘homepage’ do people still do homepages? i do..i like having a newsfeed and some quick links available. Long story […]

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iphone, a friend

yes i love my iphone..well it’s not MY iphone it is one i got from one of my jobs….and when i say love i mean :it knows everything about me including some of my personal secrets, it goes with me everywhere and i cuddle up with it everynight.’ i NEVER got that from a guy, […]

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hungry, hungry iphone: Jotter (handwriting notepad)

I didn’t think i needed as yet ANOTHER data acquisition method, but ya gotta have a handwriting app, right? not sure of the difference yet, but the free version will be fine for now.

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App addiction

My name is EG and i am an app addict. These damn clever things are totally addictive, like all damn clever things i tend to overdue. It is very easy to load this device up with tools that are strikingly similar and end up with little bits of data spread out over a few of […]

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