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Crochet Pouches for every occasion

This crocheted pouch is an example of needlework projects women were supposed to be doing whenever they had down time, cause god forbid they get bored. The ability to add images and engravings to printed magazines mid-19th century, caused a flood and a hunger for needlework, textile and craft projects. This one i found a […]

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Mock Up Carpet Bag

After finding the Humphrey Carpet Bag instructions, I got ambitious to make one. Since 19th century carpet fabric isn’t that easy to find, I figure I will start with just upholstery fabric which is practically everywhere. This started as a zippered throw pillow sham that I picked up at Goodwill. Upholstery fabric most often, rayon […]

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Carpet Bags 101

I was reading 1886 Scientific American (rooting around on archive. org is something I do to relax) and I found Humphrey’s instructions on how to make a Carpet Bag and as far as I can make out, these are the ONLY period step by step instructions on the internet. I have transcribed the article Click […]

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Reticule, a ditty bag by any other name

My second iteration of Eliza Leslie’s Travel Reticule. It reminds me very much of something we made back in girl Scouts 45 years ago, basically a ditty bag with pockets inside. From Eliza Leslie’s. The House Book: Or, A Manual of Domestic Economy, Carey & Hart, 1840. “A Traveling Reticule. A reticule for travelling may […]

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