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enjoy every sandwich

Just a thought….i seem to running an experiment in how many types of ham and cheese sandwiches one can make… ham and cheese, toasted bread with dijon mustard; ham, cheese, plain bread, mayo, lettuce optional depending on availability; ham, cheese, grilled with as schmear of butter; Monte Cristo (pictured) which is your fried ham and […]

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i'd buy that for a dollar

robbed peter to pay paul today..no one’s buying nothing..i have all the publications online and sold none of them. Combined bank acct balance of $62. So i hit up my one animal rescue donation can which i save for emergencies..and checked the couch cushions and came up with $87 more.. …$15 for cat litter at […]

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ball of dough

I was feeling especially frugal last night…especially since i see the bottom of the bank account now….it still has a few spit covered coins laying on it from where i kicked over the spittoon…but the end is coming…anyway..i threw two cups of flour in a bowl with a tablespoon of sugar, a tsp of salt […]

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when its ajar

I got my last check from one of my many jobs. I’m gonna miss that job…with that money i got to live like a person for a while. Now i am back to crackers and cheese dinners etc… So what does one do with their last check? Mind you it was also 7 days overdue, […]

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