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bells and whistles

the Kindle Fire is a quasi android tablet…..android is the freerange operating system that combats the global domination of the ipad and iphones IOS…The reason it is only quasi, is that Amazon WANTs you to buy stuff from THEM for this device…heck the opening flash page is a rotating advertisement ….apparently you CAN spend $15 […]

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i smell fire

One of my friends… acquaintances…facebook contacts…people i only know through the internet…sent me a very expensive gift….expensive in my terms..perhaps not for most people..but nevertheless…i have a Kindle Fire in my hands…you should have seen me on election night..i had the iphone playing NPR and the laptop refreshing HuffPo results and scrolling through facebook on […]

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oh dry up

after one good batch of dried apple chips and one bad batch, I successfully dried a couple of tomatoes..and now they are swimming in olive oil. I have another batch of tomatoes in the dehydrator and i bought some more apples to figure out where i went wrong. Basically I am trying to recreate some […]

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