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really useful

As near to the bone as i am living lately, i somehow still find reasons to buy things that most people can justifiably say are non-essential. While pecking away in my less than warm and cozy office i got sick of trying to find SAFE storage for some of my collected research material. Open shelving […]

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stuff n’nonsense

Last year i felt i had too much stuff…i have felt that off and on for a while now…i take long lingering gazes at tiny houses containing minimalist belongings…insert < sigh > here. but last december i had had enough. My yearly cycle doesn’t start at jan 1st…my yearly ‘whack on the side of the […]

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Ball mystery

I guess i figured out why Ball plastic canning jars disappeared last year. The 16oz showed up in a 4 pk for about 3.50. Then couldnt be found again. The new 16oz comes in a 2pk for under $4. But the design is completely different, the lid now has a sort of one piece gasket […]

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on the grid

I am STILL trying to execute what can only laughably be called my New Year’s Resolution..though i think i started before Jan 1st…to cut what i own in half. I keep getting stalled..i have been in this apartment for what 12 years now? i can’t remember. so much of what i own is neatly packed […]

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Here’s an example of one of the many things you can do with peg board, as i am discovering.  If you get it cut to fit at the store, pegboard solves a number of problems, and i am especially pleased with this one. For $15 bucks total,  I bought three white medium density fiberboard cabinets […]

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I went a little overboard at walmart today. Yes i have drunk the coolaid and been corrupted by the force. Basically we live in a walmart nation…if there WERE non big box department stores i would patronize them, but all i have is a walmart and a target and i find Target mostly useless. usually […]

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