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finally fixt

I had no business buying more crap, certainly not more crap for my iphone..but i got fed up with trying to shoot pictures, video or audio by propping the damn thing against something else. after examining all the options, i went with this one..IStabilizer – there are a couple extremely similar items on Amazon…between $8 […]

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so, you have a camera

someone on the Unclutterer forum..yes there is such a thing…asked for a group think about what to do with their old camera she had in her basement…..here is my advice: I HAVE cameras in my basement..in fact…i’m the person people GIVE those cameras too. Clean it and check the battery and run some film through […]

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full color snail

when i posted about the AppleCARDS app, i had some requests for a DESKTOP version of these online apps. Which I hadn’ thought to look for. So now i Did. finding places online to send out a snail mail letter for you is relatively easy….not AS easy as it is to find a place to […]

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Sticky Photo Album

These are the most ubiquitous photo albums in the US. And it seems that once our photos go in, they never come out again. But that ain’t necessarily so. Dear EG- As a kid I put all my autographed 8x10s in a photo album with the waxy “magnetic” pages – and now wish I hadn’t…. […]

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Bag lady

I have a bag fetish, I do like me a good bag. Usually canvas or rip stop nylon, bags for every occasion travel which I don’t do, overnight which I don’t do, and a lot of other unactivities, but regardless – I like a good bag. And every couple of years I start jonesing for […]

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It’s midnight and i juat finished Working for the day. I have 4 jobs and usually i dont have to do them all in one day. But i DID have two or three Redbulls and a few headache pills, so i was whirling like a leaf in a drain. Looks like tomorrow will be more […]

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York Bridge, Maine

bridge to flickr

Seems I have been neglecting my flickr.com account. When I started using the internet aggressively I was having a great time uploading my images. Just getting feedback is an awesome feeling, especially if you don’t have many people seeing your photos. It is also a great way to find folks with similar interests. It is […]

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Got my 1st test roll back.  BTW I am very very tired of having discussions with CVS employees who don’t understand “negatives only” ,  “no i don’t want your photo CD”, and “yes, I know what i am doing,  you silly little pushy child.”  okay i just added that last one.    For $2.50 you […]

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needless things

No I didn’t NEED another film camera…though I did sell one recently which brought my total down to three i think….perhaps i was out of balance….whatever…i saw one of these at a vintage camera show a few months back and have been jonesing about it ever since. It’s waterproof..down to 16 feet….since i don’t swim […]

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