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touchable books

when i typed the header, I keep hearing susan sarandon singing “toucha toucha toucha touch me” in the background. ….over the last few days i have been talking about my new ‘project’ to the local librarians who know me. I was caught off guard because i hadn’t actually planned beyond producing the books, i figured the […]

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making book

i just spend a few straight days putting together another local history, they are addictive….the more i can get my hands on the more i want to reprint. i am even looking into a getting a free standing rack..i know the coffee shop at the corner will carry whatever i can produce…damn sight more interesting […]

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  i can’t remember what i was exactly what i thinking when i came up with that…I’m using ‘Sic’  meaning THUS as in ‘As Is’ press.   So basically it was an excuse to make mistakes.  Sorry fella you purchased it AS IS.   I published a few things using Createspace.com  under the imprint  but […]

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